About me

I've always been passionate about game design and programming. I started coding games in QBasic when I was 10 years old, went on to study Computer Systems Engineering in 2005, then published a small indie game on Xbox 360 back in 2010. In 2011, I started working at Latin America's first AAA game publisher as a producer. Then in 2012, I co-founded a digital transformation software company that merges the power of video games with training & education (and we built some pretty cool stuff). Now I'm looking for my next challenge.

Abraham Morales


Math practice, boat races, teamwork, data-driven instruction and vikings: we combined all of these elements to bring a unique experience to the classroom. We designed it for kids to have fun and compete in a safe environment, while making sure that teachers can easily access the contents they want to practice, and make informed instructional decisions based on student performance. Vikidz is now being used in many schools in Mexico, soon to expand to North America and Europe.



We wanted a new way to engage high-performance managers and help them train and hone their leadership skills. We had great success with a prototype for The Coca-Cola Company, so TELUS contacted us to build a full product tailored to their leadership philosophy. In the game, players train virtual athletes both physically and mentally, each character has their own storyline (with difficult topics that transfer well into the real world, day-to-day of managers). At the end of each week, all teams participate in a competitive race. Ignite creates engaging workplace environments, powerful peer to peer conversations, and a new game-based way of learning how to be a leader.


A cog in the machine

I've been incredibly lucky to have been able to work with amazing talent from all over the world. As a producer, I jump at the opportunity to bring the team's best skills to the table on every project, helping them overcome challenges and solve complex problems. As part of a team, I've worked on many projects during the past 10 years and wore many hats: as a team leader, by bridging the gap between engineering, art and design; as a product owner, user experience designer, tester, and as a mentor. Here are just a few of those projects:

My journey

I've picked up a few skills along the way.

Team Leadership

I'm very passionate about helping teams work together, communicate, overcome challenges and resolve conflicts.

Bridging the Gap

I often apply my software engineering expertise and ability to bridge the gap between highly technical teams, creatives, and stakeholders.

Tech Expert

I do my best to always keep up with recent technology, languages, peripherals, methodologies and tools. If problems are nails, then technology is my hammer.

Data Analysis

The world is data-driven. I work with many tools and models for analyzing data, measuring outcomes, KPIs, and generate reports with insights that enable teams and stakeholders to make data-driven decisions for their products.

Game Production

I love video games and I love working with teams! Game development is hard enough already, I make sure there are no obstacles, help find solutions, track milestone progress, schedule tasks and make sure the team's talents are focused towards successful deliverables.

Street Tacos

I was born in Texas, and after 9 years of living in Mexico City, I am now immune to indigestion. Come at me world!

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